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Eat Clean

February 2, 2012

“No prepackaged foods,” my trainer said this morning. “You can have a lot of food, but it all needs to be fresh – fruits, veggies and protein.” Inspired by a recent NYTimes piece and the insanely low prices and great selection at Giant Gourmet Farmers Market in Hackensack, I spent half an hour prepping fruits and veggies after lunch and roasted up enough to last us several days.

They were just as delicious as they look, I assure you, and the leftovers settled in nicely next to the gallon-sized bags of raw fruit and veggies I put on the top shelf of the fridge for easy snacking.

Just as we were wrapping up (after she showed me the exercises she promised will change my body) Coach Thommie said two words that I can’t get out of my head: Eat Clean. Every time I open the fridge or a kitchen cabinet, I hear them. Eat Clean rang in my ears as I pushed my cart through the aisles of the farmer’s market grabbing broccoli rabe, pomegranates and butternut squash.


I even braved the fish counter for some salmon steaks, scallops and catfish fillets. Next time I might even try some shark.


As I entered today’s meals into the tracking app on my phone, I thought about how simple eating right becomes with those two words as a mantra. Zucchini, onions and portabellas are as low in calories as they are high in flavor and vitamins. Feeding Nacine as the day was winding down, I also thought about how Eat Clean means I’m passing on these healthy choices and giving her the vital nutrients she needs.

She’s helping me out in the bargain, too, burning at least 500 calories a day before I even count the ones I’ll be using to complete my trainer’s workout at the gym.

Coach Thommie assured me that a) I’ve just had a baby only two months ago, and b) the before pictures are supposed to look awful. She even encouraged me to mess up my hair.

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